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All-in for the new campaign in collaboration with The newtons laboratory for Casino

Like another Alice in Wonderland our character speeds up and gets lost in a magical world built just for him. Having as inspiration the work of Frank Miller we’ve created a black and white canvas for our story to unfold. The choreographed camera
movements follow the character’s journey into the Casino universe that constantly changes.

We thank OPAP for this excellent batch!

OPAP Casino


The Newtons Laboratory
OPAP Casino


Decoy Images
OPAP Casino

Animation Studio

Mellow Studio
OPAP Casino


Yiannis Christoforou
OPAP Casino

Creative Direction

Constantinos Kilaris
OPAP Casino

Motion Design

Constantinos Kilaris, Panos Koutivas
OPAP Casino

Character Design & Concept Frames

Stefanos Pletsis
OPAP Casino

Cel Animation

Peter Hagis, Christos Papandreopoulos
OPAP Casino

Clean Ups

Dimitris Armenakis
OPAP Casino

Original Music & Sound Design

Giannis Andritsopoulos
OPAP Casino

Voice Artist

Yiannis Kastanakis