The idea was to capture the kind of people who have inspired the clothes and what they stand for.

It has been a unique collaboration and a truly creative process from the start. 
We felt special, hope you do too.

The aim for the film was to have an urban warm feel so the soundscape was important.

Realistic, as well as cinematic Sound Design with an Audio breakthrough

in the middle and the majestic Voice of Aris Gerontakis made this commercial stand out.


Client: Lanee Clothing
Director: Panagiotis Vasileiou
Art Directior: Constantinos Kilaris

Copywriter: Panagiotis Vasileiou / Frosso Tsipopoulou

Sound Design: Giannis Andritsopoulos

Voice Over: Aris Gerontakis

Cinematography / Editing / Post Production : Constantinos Kilaris

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